Book your next cocktail reception or Karaoke party.

For over 33 years in the downtown business district our Korean, Japanese menu, sushi and catering platters have travelled to many different functions. From small dinner for two to Large order at Roy Thomson Hall for 2000 people, we have something for everyone. If you have your own recipe for sushi, for example brown rice sushi, we'll make it!

Sushi & wine bar

beer & sake

Special Events

We offer sake and a variety of beer   from around the world;  dark, light,  imports or domestic whatever your pleasure. Special orders are available as we  seek to tailor our selection to accommodate our clients' preferences. 

Corporate events, Karaoke, Weddings and cocktail receptions,  Akco Lounge  with fine  wines from  around the globe,  is the perfect venue for your next special event.  Our catering menu is international beyond our restaurant menu of sushi, Korean, Japanese and asian fusion foods.  If you have an idea for your event we will bring it into reality.

For reservations   -    [416] 368-0125.  
open Monday to Friday:    Kitchen from 11:00am - 9:00 pm,      bar from 11:00 am - closing
 Free Parking after 5:30 pm Monday to Friday